Oct 30, 2008

Politics of fear, and pettiness

Obama talks about hope,
McCain counters with character assassination.

Obama speaks of America's Strength,
McCain discusses Obama's 'shady past'

Obama tells us that together, we cannot fail
McCain paints a future wrought with peril, with him as the only solution.

Obama speaks of his vision where the middle class thrives, and a country that helps those in need,
McCain calls him a Marxist.

How petty, how pathetic.

The GOP and John McCain should be ashamed of the campaign they have run . Their obvious contempt for Senator Obama, and divisive tactics should be universally condemned.
When this election is complete, regardless of outcome, We The People need to contact our elected representatives, and demand substantial election reform.

We can no longer have endless election cycles that fan the flames of racial intolerance, class warfare and bigotry.
If our LEADERS cannot rise above the base emotions, and pettiness that divide us, what chance does our country have?

Oct 28, 2008

A Campaign in Disarray? or the Illusion of Disarray as a McCain Tactic?

You have probably noticed that the GOP is getting downright nasty. Guess they believe the polls.
McCain looks like he is going to blow a gasket, and Palin, well Palin seems to be abandoning the ship based on her comments of late. Rumors from "Unidentified" sources within the campaign are confirming this supposed mutiny. What makes this behavior curious is that McCain can still win, and THEY know it.
A part of me feels like this is a GOP tactic; presenting to the media a campaign that appears to be in disarray, with the purpose of disenfranchising Obama supporters by presenting the appearance of an Obama landslide.
If just .01% of potential Obama supporters assume the race is over, and don't vote, it will spell disaster for the Obama/Biden ticket.
I hope I am wrong....

Oct 27, 2008

How to steal an Election

Al Gore won the 2000 election, this is a statement of fact confirmed by historical records.

I will not get into the details, but the Supreme court elected George Bush POTUS. It was only after the fact that we learned that Florida, a State run by Bush's brother, had miscounted over 30,000 provisional ballots cast for Al Gore. Since Bush lost the Popular vote by 550,000 and only won Florida by 330 votes, the implications are staggering.

John McCain's new "Lets make this close" strategy, combined with the RNC'S actions over the last 10 days seem to be an attempt to duplicate the 2000 election results.

The RNC has lawyers in every battleground state trying to suppress voter turnout, or invalidate votes already cast. Motions have been filed to purge voter registration lists and/or to restrict early voting (Which has gone overwhelmingly to Obama). E-Voting systems in Florida, Pennsylvania and Virginia have a "Bug" that changes your presidential pick to McCain when voting a straight democratic ticket, and touch screen E-Voting systems tend to place votes for McCain when Obama's name is selected. Check out backbox voting for details in your area.

In the last 10 days the RNC has filed legal motions to purge 200,000 voters from the registration rolls in Ohio (They lost), and have now set their sights on Colorado, Pennsylvania and Florida, using similar tactics. I am flabbergasted by the unabashedly corrupt tactics that McCain is using in order to be POTUS!!

We all know polls can be flawed, but the McCain campaigns actions validate the polling results: that McCain has little if any chance of winning.
He seems to have given up winning this election fairly. He has pulled out of Michigan, pulled ads from most markets, and spent the two precious days in Iowa and New Mexico, states where he cannot win.

If on November 4th, Senator Obama wins Virginia (Or any of the Battleground states), Senator McCain CANNOT win the election.
Could McCain "Run the Table" and win ALL the battleground states? Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Indiana, Missouri,Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada? Sure, and if he does he will still lose the election: 272 to 266!!!

He must win all of the states listed above, and take at least one "Strong" democratic state.
The odds of that happening are astronomical.

Plainly put,( Since McCain is a high stakes gambler) If McCain wins, it will be the equivalent to John & Obama playing Texas Hold'em, with Obama holding 4 aces.
McCain is down to his last card, and completes a Royal Flush on the river, the only hand that can beat Obama
Possible? Yeah, but not in the real world.

The following comments are my opinion, and I have no facts to support this scenario.
I want to be perfectly clear on this.

So for the record I will state that the only way McCain can win this election is by stealing it as the GOP did in 2000.

The GOP has set in motion the same chain of events as in the 2000 election. The stage is set.

Oct 24, 2008

E-Voting systems easily hacked

As a IT professional, I understand how to secure systems; that being said, I am completely flummoxed by the 'systems model' our local governments are using for something as important as voting. Especially when a good proven system exists.

That system, one that has has existed for decades is the ATM.
Think about it, when was the last time you actually stepped foot into your local bank, or had a problem with an ATM that resulted in you losing money?
ATM's are simple to use, ubiquitous, and very secure.
They provide secure authentication, plus a irrefutable methodology for securing and archiving records PRIOR to dispensing money from your account. This includes, a local printed receipt of your transaction , storing the result of your transaction in multiple locations thus ensuring that your transaction cannot be lost, destroyed or repudiated at a later date.

How do you provide a great security model? it is very simple, you use two or three of the following authentication methods. (Combined with the archiving method as detailed above)
1. Something you know (A password, or pass phrase)
2. Something you have ( Your ATM card or other unique device)
3 Something you are: (A Biometric such as a fingerprint or iris scan)

It is VERY hard to compromise any system using
So why did our government decide to reinvent the wheel, and buy systems that are less secure, and harder to use by design?
The only answers that makes sense is either the majority of our locally elected officials are dumb as stumps, or that they wanted systems that are easy to compromise, yet hard to use.
We all know the correct answer.
My point is when you vote on November 4th via electronics, keep very focused on what is going on around you and DO NOT under any circumstances vote a straight ticket for either party. One of the biggest "Bugs" in many current systems is flipping the presidential vote from one party to the other, when picking either "Democrat" or Republican" instead of voting directly for your candidate and party of choice. This is extremely important if you do not receive a receipt of your vote.
Go to this website: http://www.blackboxvoting.org/ , for information on the issues that may affect your locality.


We can never duplicate the 2000 election. The consequences WOULD BE catastrophic to our Nation.

Oct 22, 2008

Polling and the Road to 330 EC votes

Polls; Everyone in politics use them, and all politicians say they give them no weight. However, John McCain has stopped campaigning in Colorado & Michigan based on the strength of Obama's numbers in those states.

All the Political pundits are talking about "The Bradley Effect", and its effect on Senator Obama's campaign. Some expect him to lose as much as 6 points due to this "Effect".
For those of you who are not familiar with this term, here is what it means: The Bradley effect refers to an alleged tendency on the part of some voters to tell pollsters that they are undecided or likely to vote for a black candidate, and yet, on election day, vote for his/her white opponent.. This first happened when Tom Bradley an African-American lost the 1982 governors race in California, even though he was comfortably ahead in the polls.

I believe that in 2008 their will be an 'effect' that will impact voting, but it will not be a Bradley effect. Instead there will be a 'McCain' effect. John McCain has NEVER been embraced by his own party, and really embodies the policies of President Bush, and the old ideas of the 20th century. In the last week alone Senator Obama has picked up the endorsement of 25 conservative newspapers, and Colin Powell; one of the most respected conservative members of the GOP.
Senator Obama is competitive in many states that have been solid GOP states for years. In fact, unless McCain wins Pennsylvania, where he is behind 13 points, he cannot win this election.
On November 4th, I believe that most Independents, and as many as 10% of registered Republicans will vote for Senator Obama. And lets not forget about the MILLIONS of 18-25 year old voters that support Obama, and never get polled because they use cell phones almost exclusively.( Pollsters only call land lines)
If this indeed happens, Barack Obama will not only be president, but receive between 330-400 Electoral votes,
This would give him a clear mandate, and repudiate the last eight years of republican rule. That is why so many republicans will vote for a democrat, they know that the current administration does not represent them, and want to send a clear message to GOP leaders that it is time to change.
We will know in less that two weeks!!!

Oct 19, 2008

The Third Nation

Every four years we hear "This is the most important election in history"
Only this time it is true.
The choice is so stark, and the times so dire that making the wrong choice could possibly be the undoing of our Constitutional Republic.
In my opinion Barak Obama is not only the correct choice, but the only choice.
This is why:
1. He chose a Vice President that is capable of being president.
2. He has the intellectual capacity required to run this nation.
3. He has the temperament to navigate the current state of international affairs.
4. He is not controlled by special interests. He has run the ONLY campaign in modern times that is not financed by special interests. How do I know that ? By his average donation amount.:$86
WE THE PEOPLE have donated the bulk of his campaign funds.
5. Electing Senator Obama will be a declaration to the world that America has embraced the spirit of our Constitution after 232 years of talking the talk, but not walking the walk. We are the only democracy in the world who has never elected a woman or person of color to lead their country. Electing Senator Obama will have a profound effect on our allies, sending a clear message that we have finally entered the 21st century, and are again ready to lead the free world.

There are many reasons to elect Senator Obama. But let me be very clear, the time has come for ALL of us to defend our country, by accepting the fact that we need to change the fundamentals of our Nation, starting with the engine that drives the world economy: OIL.
Senator Obama could become the first POTUS not in the pocket of Big Oil in 50 years. Therefore he will be able to lead us to energy independence and the fundamental change required to become "The Third Nation" within the structure of our Republic.
What I mean by "The Third Nation" is very simple.

For the first 100 years of this countries existence, our economy was "Slave Labor" driven. We were the last western nation to abolish slavery, and join the industrial revolution. This was the "First Nation" of our Republic. This fundamental change caused the southern states to secede from our young republic, and was the root cause of the civil war. When the dust settled we had a new nation, and a new driver of our economy, OIL. Oil drove our industrial revolution, thus our economy, and we became "The Second Nation", the current state of our Nation.

Fundamental change is the rebirth of a Nation. History teaches us the perils of this type of change. We are already seeing the the pains of this change: The collapse of our financial industry, the division within our nation, and the ever rising costs associated with our dwindling energy resources. While the cost of Oil has been driven down by the weakened economy, this change is temporary. Oil, coal and LNG are finite resources. Nuclear energy touted by many as a possible "Fix" is also a finite source.
If we were to convert our entire energy platform to Nuclear energy as France has done, we would exhaust the global supply of uranium within 10 years.
The ultimate goal should be Hydrogen, the most plentiful element in the universe. However until we have the technology to accomplish this inexpensively we must use every renewable energy source available to us.
In order to become the "Third Nation", we must focus our technology and our resources to fund programs that will allow us to move to a 21st century energy source, not fight other countries for what little Oil is left.
If we are able to succeed in this endeavor, we will change the world. With cheap abundant power, not only will the fundamentals of the world economy change, we will change as well.

These are dangerous times for America and the World. We have to prepare for possibility that the "pains" of this rebirth could be equal to or greater than those of the late 1800's. To minimize the effect of this change we will need strong leadership in Washington, and the intestinal fortitude average Americans have demonstrated throughout our Nations history.

If we can put a man on the moon in ten years, we can make this fundamental change within our lifetime.
We really have no choice, so we must make the correct choice on November 4th.

Oct 17, 2008

A Sharp Nail

Believe it or not, the title of this blog is a anagram for Sarah Palin. Check it out here.
Given the role she has for the McCain ticket, quite appropriate.
Here is a list I think you will find amusing, starting with Governor Palin:

Sarah Palin .................A Sharp Nail
McCain/Palin..............AM Nap Clinic (Love this one..)
Todd Palin ..................Dad In Plot
Joe Biden ....................Job I Need
George Bush ..............Bugger Whose (you add the end!!!)

Oct 16, 2008

Obama's 1st critical error

Joe the Plumber...
By now we all know who he is, and like you I am tired of his "15 Minutes" of fame.

Unfortunately Senator Obama used the phrase "Share the Wealth", look for McCain to pounce on this poor choice of words.
To the GOP "Wealth Sharing" for those less fortunate is considered "Socialism" , doing the same for the wealthy is called a BAILOUT!!
I will bet you that from now until election day, all you will hear from McCain is him calling Obama a Socialist, and invoking "Joe the Plumber" as if Joe is his personal savior.

Lets see this for what it is, if you don't have a plan, attack your opponent!!

Oct 14, 2008

Objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear

Gore 2000
Kerry 2004

Other than losing elections to W, what did their campaigns have in common?
Both were certain that they were winning the election, based on internal polling numbers, and how their candidate performed in the POTUS debates.
Both were wrong.

The Kerry campaign was so certain of victory, that in the days up to, and including election day, they were using the "L" word, as in "Landslide". Boy were they wrong!!!
They based their confidence in part to the "Likability" polls that consistently showed Kerry with 20+ point leads over Bush going into the last weeks of the 2004 election.(Even though election polling showed a tie or slight edge to Bush)

Obama has consistently beat McCain in these Polls as well.(50%-36% as of today)

However unlike his peers, Senator Obama is running a campaign based on winning the electoral college vote, not the popular vote.
As a result , he is 50EC votes ahead of where the 2004 Kerry campaign was on October 1st 2004. Current polls suggest Obama holds a 101EC vote lead over McCain.

However as the title of this blog infers, Senator Obama should not start planning a move to DC yet, funny things can happen in 21 days.

Just ask Al & John....

Oct 13, 2008

Constitutional Tsunami

One critical, mostly overlooked fact of this election is the appointment of new Supreme Court justices. Currently the court is fairly balanced, but 'right' leaning due to the Bush appointments. Currently Ruth Vader Ginsberg, David Souter and Antonin Kennedy are the most liberal justices. Unfortunately, they are also the most likely to retire in the next 4 years.
Regardless of your political affiliation, it is in America's best interest to have a balanced court. A balance between liberal & conservative justices will encourage rigorous discussions of the matter before the court, and helps to ensure the interpretations of our constitution, and precedents that follow are more likely to protect constitutional rights.
If Senator McCain is elected he will upset this delicate balance by appointing justices that have a conservative background ( AKA GOP leaning).
This would be a tragedy for America. A conservative Judiciary would likely further the attacks on our civil liberties, and accelerate this countries move to the extreme right.

I do not profess to be educated in legal matters, especially when it comes to the highest court in the land.
However I do l know this, whoever wins this election will determine the legal landscape of America for the next 3 decades.

Oct 11, 2008

Hilarious Poem !!

Ode to Sean Hannity

Aping urbanity
Oozing with vanity
Plump as a manatee
Faking humanity
Journalistic calamity
Intellectual inanity
Fox Noise insanity
You’re a profanity

this was written by John Cleese, and sums up Fox news and Sean Hannity perfectly!!!

Oct 10, 2008

Criminal Behavior

By now we have all seen the despicable behavior of the mobs that showed up in Florida supporting the McCain/Palin ticket; People shouting "Terrorist" and "Kill Him" directed towards Senator Obama.

This hate mongering is not only dangerous, it may be a violation of federal law. The secret service makes no distinction between threats made towards the president or ANY elected member of the US government. Barrack Obama is currently a Senator, and you cannot make threats of violence even in jest. By NOT denouncing this behavior on the spot, Governor Palin is an accessory. At the very least she has shown her true colors with this display of depraved indifference. Previous to these rallies, I did not believe the accusations of "Abuse of Power" directed towards the Governor during her governorship of of Alaska.
Now I not only believe the allegations, but consider her to be judgmentally unfit to serve in any state or federal position.

By not addressing this behavior immediately, it sends a message to the extremest right wing of the GOP, that McCain/Palin ticket is not opposed to the idea of criminal acts towards the Obama/Biden ticket.
This is unbelievable behavior even for the GOP, and they should be held accountable for it on November 4th.

Oct 7, 2008


Referring to a Senator as "THAT ONE" is as close as we will ever see one candidate call his opponent "Asshole". McCain has truly lost his way. He was also very condescending to US, with his comment on Freddie Mac and Fannie May.

However we did get a glimpse of a McCain presidency.

If McCain is president he will:

1. Put all OUR medical records on the Internet.(This is beyond idiotic, if its on the 'net. it will get hacked, what a gaffe!)
2. Described solving medicare as easy. Really? To me this means he will do nothing. If the fix is easy, there is not a problem.
3. Work on Energy, Health care and the Economy simultaneously. Not possible, he knows it, we know it. He is lying to the American people during a POTUS debate, we ALL know what that means. We have just had eight years of it.

I score the debate big win for Obama. NOT good news for Senator McCain.
He needed a knockout and he actually lost the debate.

Look for the recent Polling trend for Obama to continue, and widen by 2-4 points in the coming week.

Pre-Debate comments

It is 1/2 hour prior to the second POTUS debate.
McCain needs a "knockout", and I do not believe he has the intellectual capacity to achieve this goal.Senator Obama has demonstrated a calm demeanor that is quite effective in disarming his opponents.
If McCain starts to attack, it will put the final nail in the coffin of his presidential campaign. I doubt that McCain will be able to hide his disdain for Obama, and if he refuses AGAIN to look at him, he will lose this debate regardless of what else transpires.
The bottom line is that McCain cannot believe he is losing to Obama, and was barely able to hide his personal dislike for Senator Obama during the last debate. Obama does hold any animosity towards McCain. While Obama respectfully disagrees with McCain, McCain has made this personal, and that fact will ultimately be his downfall.
My prediction: Pain for McCain......

Oct 6, 2008

No Plan for America? Change the subject.

The republicans are back to their comfort zone. Since they cannot win on the issues, they will just change the subject, and try to scare voters into voting for the GOP ticket. Here is a 'short' list of issues that will face the next president:

Cleaning up the "MESS" left by the last GOP administration (No small task)
The Economy
Federal Deficit
Resurgent Russia
A Nuclear fundamentalist Pakistan
Health Care

According to John McCain, his 'Country First' campaign will focus on the character of his opponent, NOT the challenges that face America.

Because fear works, because demoralizing Americans works.
A fearful American, is less likely to vote.
A demoralized American is easier to 'keep in line'

So for the next thirty days, as you listen to McCain & Palin talk about Obama's character, his "Terrorist" pals, his connections to unsavory people etc etc.
Remember this:

Every minute they spend in the character assassination of their opponent is time they won't use in addressing HOW they will solve the problems facing this nation.

Bottom Line: If you liked the last eight years with George W Bush, you will love the next four with McCain. They are following the same playbook!

Oct 4, 2008

Post VP Debate Rant

How is it a vice presidential candidate can avoid ANY question they do not feel comfortable answering? Why is it that the MSM, allows them that latitude.

Had Biden made comments similar to Palin,he would have been castigated by CNN, McCain, and anyone else with a public voice, and they would be correct. A VP MUST be able to talk intelligently about the issues. Presenting talking points and canned stump speeches in place of answers, are insulting to the American voter.

Here is a translation of GOP "Spin-Speak:

"Plain Speaking" Means the candidate has at best an 8th grade vocabulary.
"Straight-Talk" Means the candidate will lie, even if those lies have been exposed.
"Folkism's" A indication that the word or phrase spoken was so ridiculous, that
handlers don't have a way to spin it
"Shout Out" Something mostly brain-dead game show contestants do when on TV
for the first time.
"Maverick" A phrase that insinuates a person works in an unorthodox manner. In
politics,it is usually used by an insider who wants people to 'think' they
are not like the politician they are running against.

I am outraged that Gov Palin was selected as John McCain's running mate.

She is unprepared to be VP.
She has no qualifications to be VP.
She is of average intellect, and shows no grasp of National affairs.
She does not represent the qualities I want in a top government official.
She will put America at GRAVE risk, should she become President.

In short, the "County First" ticket has demonstrated questionable judgment, and has clearly put "Power" first.
This should disqualify the McCain/Palin ticket from running for the presidency.