Feb 14, 2009

Paradigm Shift Continues

As I have stated numerous times, the REVOLUTION is speeding up.
As the DOW continues its free fall, so does our way of life.

I am SICK TO DEATH of the comparisons to the great depression, because I KNOW that the times are much more dire that in the 30's.
Case in point:

1.In the 30's , 29% of America worked on farms or in farm related jobs. Meaning they had access to food, even when money was scarce or nonexistent.Also most of America bought food in local farmers markets
Today less than 1% of us have access to food OTHER THAN STORE BOUGHT. What will happen when you have no cash, or worse the stores have little to no food?
We are so dependent on Supermarkets, that ANY interruption of food delivery will cause Panic and social unrest.

2. In the 30's, less that 20% America owned property(AKA a house). They rented, and/or lived with family.With home ownership @ record highs(60% +), losing your home while unemployed is a invitation to homelessness at worst and hopelessness at best. Nothing like a gypsy lifestyle to underscore the gravity of your personal finances, and put millions of Americans @ personal risk. Ever been homeless? I have, trust me nothing sucks more, and frankly most Americans are not mentally prepared or physically able to handle this situation.

3. In the 30's America had record budget surpluses. SO we had money to invest in ourselves
Today we have the pending insolvency of the government due to record deficits to look forward too. We will borrow money to address this crisis, and this will only hurt the US long term.
Look for a crashing dollar and crushing inflation in the years to come.

4. Our World is in crisis, even more so than the 30's. Yes we had a WORLD WAR, but we had NO WMD'S, so we could not euthanize ourselves. Now we can...
Today, we have multiple nations vying for the same shrinking pool of natural resources: FOOD, WATER, FUEL ETC, ETC. These nations ALL have Nuclear capabilities. What do you think will happen if say India and Pakistan have a 'Resource War' ? Or if one of the many countries that 'hate' us decide that America can be taken out by a 1st strike, or because they have NOTHING to lose in attacking us?

The problems are pandemic, their solutions require political will, and tragedy is inevitable....

If POTUS Obama can convince Congress to care more about America, than getting re-elected, perhaps we can muster the political will to solve the current crisis(s).
If he cannot, the World as we have know it will change irrevocably.

Feb 11, 2009

No census, no Judd Gregg in Cabinet..

With the census being pulled into the White House, I would expect GOP HHS Nominee Judd Greg to withdraw his name within days...

The ONLY reason he "Put his Hat" into the ring was TO control the coming census.

Do not think for a minute that Gregg had ANY bi-partisan leanings. He was/is a TROJAN Horse for the GOP in a 'Hail-Mary' for control of the redistricting FUN to come in 2010.

I have no sources, just a 'hunch' based on the simple fact that the GOP was willing to GIVE UP A SEAT in 2010, with Gregg as Commerce head.
The GOP would ONLY make a move like this if THEY WERE GETTING SOMETHING "EFFING VALUABLE(in blogo speak!!)" . With the census PRIZE out of reach, I doubt that they will allow Gregg to continue.


Again Barack offers the GOP his hand in friendship, only to receive a fist in return

Feb 4, 2009

Class Warfare--The final STRAW

3/4 of a TRILLION dollars for big business, while average Americans lose their jobs in record numbers.
Owner occupant foreclosures forced upon 'solvent' mortgages due to banks protecting balance sheets.
120 Billion dollars lost in Iraq(That we know of!!) 80 Billion lost in the TARP

If we had JUST the money the BA frittered away, we could extend Heath Care to every America

So far, NOT a PENNY for middle America.
Congress fiddles while America burns.

WE are done as a World Leader...

If you think life sucks now, wait until the US loses 1 Million jobs in a month.....