May 30, 2010

It is YOUR fault that we have Oil in the Gulf

I am exhausted by the blame game concerning  the BP oil spill. Blaming others is crap, because the world is a mirror.
This is MY fault and it is YOUR fault.
We as a society, are enablers of this corporate and national malfeasance.

If everyone in America  decided to reduce their use of petroleum products(And/or energy) by 5-10% per year, EVERY YEAR, we would solve the problem from the bottom up.
Unfortunately we would have to give up our latte's, flat screens, Hummer's and the like. Unlike our grandparents, and great grandparents, we don't do the sacrifice thing....

Somebody please tell me how I am wrong. Can anyone muster any passion on this subject other than to whine incessantly on WHOSE fault it is, while never taking any personal responsibility?

To those who would point fingers at BP, or the GOP or Obama, I have only one thing to say:

Argue for your limitations and they are yours

Only by changing what we consume and; how we live can we address the root cause of tragedy's like this. If you are not doing your part, you are part of the problem.

Truth is, we will run out of OIL, and other finite resources. Then catastrophic change WILL be forced upon our children.

(hint,it won't be BP)

May 24, 2010

Glenn Beck and GoldLine

Mother Jones has a GREAT article on the Beck/Goldline Ripoff, see it HERE.

Gold has always been a great hedge against inflation, and it is PRETTY too.

But buy it from BECK??????

What Beck is condoning, for his (Mostly OLD) fans is unconscionable. I am NOT an investment consultant, but this much I know: Buying gold coins so that big bad Obama won't be able to huff & puff and blow your house down to steal your gold is a really, really bad investment strategy.

When Beck fans call Goldline they are being pushed into buying 20 franc gold coins (Or other supposedly rare coins) for intrinsic value as collectibles. 20 Franc coins are about 90% pure, and are not even close to bullion as far a melt weight/value is concerned. For Goldline, they represent a HUGE profit, and for the investor a HUGE mistake. According to the MJ article Gold would have to get to near $1800 per ounce for them to make a profit....WOW

Now contrast this to Gold Bullion, where the profit margins are slim, and in most cases track the per ounce price of gold fairly closely.

This guy is a idiot and a liar. When gold crashes (& it will) lets hope the Beck fans were properly diversified.
(Follow the link to INVESTOPEDIA, BECK BUDS)

May 21, 2010

Man bites GOD, will GOD bite back?

FLASH  (Click for story link)

 For the first time in Human history, we have created life.
Not cloning an existing life-form, I am talking creating a real gee-fucking-whiz cell based life-form. This Frankenstein novel is being played out by the braniacs @ the J Craig Venter Institute genetics lab.

I mean we never make mistakes right? It's not like we could fuck-up some protein sequence in the DNA, and end up creating non nuclear gene inheritance scenario's that follow a 'new set of laws of nature', or create a microbe that would kill all plant like on Earth (THAT almost happened in 1990, it was called Klebsiella planticola )

I am all for science, but when you realize that this genetics lab is funded by BP and other OIL companies, and is a "For-Profit" model, it makes you wonder what they are attempting to do, other than make a boat load of cash.....
As we all know it is seldom the shit you know that fucks you up, it is what you don't know that gets ya every time.