Apr 29, 2010

What Arizona & Iceland have in common...

At least in Iceland when you get super-heated smoke blown up your ass, it is an act of God. In the good 'ol USA, all it takes is a GOP governor, and a goose stepping legislature.
What does Arizona think?,That the courts will allow what is clearly a codified civil rights violation to stand?

The talking heads (Rush, Beck, FU-News etc) all say about the same stupid fucking thing: "The police can't profile you, they can only do so in a 'lawful' manner".  HMMMM, they must know different cops that I do. The cops I know will ALWAYS find a pretext to question someone, even if they have to manufacture one.

I vote to cut off ALL federal funds to any state that is stupid enough to play chicken with civil rights!!!

Apr 26, 2010

Hows that "Spill baby Spill!" working out for ya?

How many Valdez size tragedies will it take before the country wakes up to a simple fact: ANY Oil based venture WILL soil the environment. The current  spill could turn what little New Orleans had left ( A viable waterfront, and shrimping economy) into a black tar nightmare.

Get your fill of local seafood/cuisine now 'cause it is not going to taste too good once you add several hundred metric tons of sweet crude...

What a waste!!!