Jun 30, 2010

Conservatives to the Poor and Elderly: Suck on Our Deficit:

Another "Priceless" comment from the rude pundit.....
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Jun 29, 2010

More BIASED reporting by FOX KNEWS

GOP gets airtime, but DEMS get talking points by FOX Anchor

Proof that RUBIO is a Liar

Notice how Rubio mentions that the BUSH Tax cuts for the RICH, should be made permanent. This means "Lets make the Deficit Permanent for the POOR, and they can pay for tax cuts for the RICH"


RUBIO: Well, the bottom line is that we need folks to create jobs in America. And jobs in America are created by people that have money or access to money.

As you can see, deficits are GREAT, as long as they pay for the Rich...
How pathetic....

Jun 28, 2010

New RIGHT-WING Freakout:: Obama can shut off the Internet

First, anyone who has EVER believed that the 'Internets' are completely anonymous, leave the room, you are not SMART enough to be a part of this conversation.

Obama, the US Government and/or the CIA CANNOT shut off the internet. Trust me on this one, the internet will still be there, waiting for those of us smart enough to make its way around whatever blocking scheme is used.
How would the FEDS 'turn-off' the internet? They most likely would not.
I mean think about this for a second, the LAST thing you want during a crisis is slack-jawed, internet ZOMBIES, having NO access to the news, and having to , GOD FORBID, turn on a TV or buy a paper for OLD INFORMATION. Their heads could explode.......

However you could control ALL info.
Most likely by redirecting ALL traffic to approved government information sites. Since we humans can remember names better than numbers, there is a "Naming" scheme called DNS that takes the Names of the site you want to visit; say cnn.com, and automatically transforms them to the actual Internet Protocol Address ( etc), . Point EVERYTHING to Whitehouse.GOV and you have effectively taken down the internet for 99.9% of the Nation.

If you read the BILL, the concern is flow of information, the Government doesn't want to shut OFF the internet, they want to CONTROL what you know during a crisis. More importantly, they want to control what you THINK about a crisis, and there is no better way to do that than having only ONE CLEARINGHOUSE for information.

Unlike millions of others, I would only be marginally impacted by a internet "Blockade", due to my IT background. Those like myself, who have Internet Technology/Network knowledge would immediately move to set conduits in place to bypass the blockade. ( How do you think IRAN got access to Facebook and Twitter when their government blocked it?)
You see the Internet was designed to work in the face of a Nuclear War, it is hard to block, or damage, BY DESIGN, so just because some Bureaucrat wants to block MY access to YOU-TUBE, won't make it so.

So GOP quit screaming about stupid stuff, lets discuss something REALLY scary. like you guys being back in charge....

Jun 23, 2010

America Cowed: Are We Too Frightened to Forge Our Future?

America grows fearful in direct proportion to the FUD being disbursed by many media outlets.

Happy does not sell, FEAR does, just look at FOX News.

Problems only become insurmountable, when you consider them so.

That being said, we have huge issues that cannot be just wished away, they must be VOTED away, and we start with the GOP.

The GOP is a self-sustaining fear machine, who MUST scare voters in order to succeed. Time to show them the door for good.
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Jun 20, 2010

This Land Is Your Land

You really have no clue do you?

This song, written in the 40's is a national treasure. It expresses our love of freedom, and our love of America, warts & all.

Was some of it anti-capitalistic? sure, it was written in the 40's, in New York, with the Great Depression still VERY much in evidence.

But at its heart it is a song of patriotism.

It has nothing to do with socialism, it has nothing to do with your irrational fear of having your pitiful, worthless possessions taken. You've been listening to Glenn Beck too much...

Here are some verses that will make you (& Beck) wail like baby's:

“There was a big high wall there - that tried to stop me;

Sign was painted - it said private property;

But on the other side - it didn't say nothing;

That side was made for you and me."

and my favorite:

In the shadow of the steeple I saw my people,

By the relief office I seen my people;

As they stood there hungry, I stood there asking

Is this land made for you and me?

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More proof that El-Rushbo is a sociopath....

In reading this REPORT, it became apparent to me that Rush Limbaugh is NOT human, and should be held in contempt by ALL Americans.
The gist of the article is that RL thinks that KIDS, who's parents cannot feed them, should quit whining and just go dumpster diving. His hypothesis is that government food is bad, hunger is good, and you tube has plenty of video's on how to eat properly from dumpsters.
Look I get the whole partisan attack thing, but when you start saying, "Its OK for children in the US to die of HUNGER", you reveal what a horrible excuse for a human you are. I wonder if his new wife agrees with his views?
I'm sure that RL told her that what he says on the radio is just rhetoric, and not how he really feel's . I say BULLSHIT!
If you ain't White, Rich, and Republican RL thinks you are a waste of flesh.

May he Reap what he sows......

Jun 19, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill: Tony Hayward Attends Glitzy Yacht Race As Oil Spews Into Gulf

Look, we live at a time where there are two worlds, the one that the Tony Hayward occupies , and the one that you and I live in.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING you or I say, or do will ever effect those who live in the world of extreme wealth & privilege.

Out of sight of the public, they are LTAO at us 'small' people, knowing that they will always win, because those that rule the corporations, and those that rule countries, are the same people.

Even if Hayward is canned over this, he will retire to his house in the country, sail his Yacht, and opine about his days where the Americans interrupted his "Life".

I wonder if BP has any Oil platforms in the Isle of Wight?
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Jun 18, 2010

Fortune 500 to America: YOUR FIRED!!!

Since 2009, the fortune 500 have TRULY lived up to their name. They TRIPLED their profits to just over 3 BILLION dollars. Now I'll bet your thinking  "Man I need to work for one of them big boys", guess what, you would be wrong.
While the fat cats were racking in profits at a record clip, they were firing people even faster. Since 2009, the fortune 500 are over 800,000 jobs lighter.
Yes they give valid reasons (Lack of demand etc), but the unvarnished truth is that they fired people over 45, and used that savings to boost the bottom line. Why people over 45? They make A LOT of money.
IS this illegal?
No, but it just ain't right

Jun 17, 2010

Now That You've Asked, Why the Hell Doesn't God Do Anything About the Oil Spill?:

Good Stuff from the Rude Pundit. If you have not read him, you are in for a treat.....


For some reason, the rabid right, including Michelle Bachmann have decided that poor BP, needs help to keep it away from the clutches of the BIG, BAD Socialist President.
The "Dumb as a Stump" congresswoman has been quoted as saying:

"But if I was the head of BP, I would let the signal get out there -- 'We're not going to be chumps, and we're not going to be fleeced.' And they shouldn't be. They shouldn't have to be fleeced and make chumps to have to pay for perpetual unemployment and all the rest -- they've got to be legitimate claims."

So damaging an entire ecosystem to the point that your way of life(And livelihood) is likely destroyed for generations is "perpetual unemployment and all the rest" 
You are an idiot!!

BTW, I would stay away from Louisiana for a while, word has it that James Carrville wants to "Bitch Slap" you for being so ignorant.

Jun 16, 2010

Random thoughts on presidential address

To endure is greater than to dare; to tire out hostile fortune; to be daunted by no difficulty; to keep heart when all have lost it; to go through intrigue spotless; to forego even ambition when the end is gained -- who can say this is not greatness?

William M. Thackeray

Barack Obama is clearly a brilliant man. He is faced with a catastrophe that NOBODY can ameliorate, and is worse than we are being told.
He has limited options , and NOBODY has any answers.(That includes the GOP, and Big Oil)

For those who did not like his address to the Nation, (and it seems like NOBODY did) I ask you to think about what he knows to be true.

How do you tell the Nation that we are helpless in the face of years of staggering corruption, ineptitude and cronyism? 
How do you tell Americans that this spill is just the beginning? That it just the latest in the unending challenges we will face over the next decade or more, as a result of years of deregulation, greed and disdain for governments role in business, BY THOSE in government?.

You don't.

You look directly into the camera and ask people to be thankful that we live in a country that has historically overcome great tragedy.(Reminding them in the process that they are great) You ask them to look to a higher power.
And then you DO YOUR JOB as best you can.

So go ahead GOP keep ruining the country with your obstructionism. Those of us that do put "Country First" will remember you on election day.

I for one will continue to support this President, and this administration, I don't care what others say or think.

Jun 14, 2010

England now PISSED OFF at America

Evidently they are pissed cause we are yelling at their biggest COMPANY

Two Words: Screw You....
When the US SHITS in the English Channel, and it floats to shore and SCREWS up your country, then you can bitch about us. Until then, tell your fracking executives to SHUT UP and just write a a damn check....
Bloody Amateurs  those brits......

Jun 9, 2010

Open letter to Birthers, RightWing nuts & Obama Haters

I am not sure if I should laugh at you A-Holes, or cry because of how clueless you are.
Doesn't really matter, but  here are a couple of things you need to remember:

1. We are ALL Americans. You are not a better citizen than me because you claim some special understanding of the Constitution, or because you claim to know what the founders intended. The Founders have been dead for hundreds of years, and no matter HOW MANY books you read about them, their intentions are still open to interpretation. 

2. Your aren't any smarter than the Democrats/Liberals/Progressives, because Limbaugh, Beck, Jones or Levine tell you that LISTENING to their shows makes you smarter. It actually proves that you are a dumb-ass because half of what they tell you is CRAP. ( Do you really think buying FOOD INSURANCE, or GOLD will save your family if ARMAGEDDON comes....?)

3.Being pissed that YOUR TEAM lost, does not give you the right to denigrate the other side by calling them Anti-American , or socialist , or a NAZI for Christs sake. If you are that ANGRY , you need serious help. Because what you are doing is damaging to our COUNTRY, and you need to stop NOW!!!

4. Elections matter. The GOP lost because their ideas were overwhelmingly rejected by the average American starting in 2006. Grow up and accept defeat like a MAN, and quit whining.

5. You are entitled to your own opinions, but NOT your own facts. Quit lying about EVERYTHING!!!. You are killing the country you claim to love. Obama did NOT cause the financial meltdown; your team did. Democrats did NOT start two wars, and give the rich guys a TAX CUT, the GOP did that. We have OIL killing the Gulf Coast region because of eight years of back room OIL  deals, not because of anything the Obama Administration did or did not do. So if you want to govern, prove to the American people that you can, and start now. AS it stands, you are going down in history as the first minority party that did not pass a single bill under an opposition president.

Bush and his cronies screwed the country up so completely, that it will take DECADES to repair the damage. Unfortunately the American voter has a short attention span, and will eventually blame Obama for the mess conservatives created. This means the GOP will most likely take back the house and senate in November, and Obama will most likely be a one-term president. That is if he survives the inevitable impeachment proceedings the GOP will start IF they win big in November.

However, any victory will be short lived. Your base is getting older, and less ethnically diversified, while America is getting younger, and more ethnically diversified.
Your days are numbered and you know it. And like ANY mortally wounded animal , you are attacking anyone who gets close to you, and you appear to be eating your own.
Real Americans can only hope that you don't destroy the country in your wrong headed attempt to win back power.

Jun 7, 2010

Glenn Beck: The most dangerous man in America?

Let me be VERY clear. Glenn Beck is not crazy, nor is he as he calls himself, a rodeo clown.

Glenn Beck is quite possibly the most dangerous man in AMERICA. Of course now most of you will consider me 'BAT-SHIT-CRAZY', for ASSUMING he has such power, but just humor me for a minute or two.
Beck has taken the violent rhetoric of Rush Limbaugh, the snide racist intellectualism of  Bill O'Reilly , and the "New World Order, we must Revolt" insurgency of Alex Jones and main-streamed it. When you add the subtle 'End-Times' prophetical undertones he adds to capture the evangelical fringe, what you have is a recipe for disaster.
I mean lets be candid, to be a Beck Buddy, and to actually buy-in to his message, you MUST be a bit unhinged. Does he make valid points about our economy, and the corruption in DC?, occasionally sure. But  he sprinkles those bits of truth with the cancerous fecal matter of violence, intolerance and fear.

Many of us who support the progressive agenda tend to write Mr Beck off as a nutcase who will eventually be hoisted on his own petard. 
In doing so we play right into his hands.
He has a millions of card carrying, right wing wacko's fans . They are, for lack of a better term"American Jihadists", who fervently believe that their America is being stolen from them. (The lady @ the 1:17 point in the video is typical of the Beck audience)

Om 8-28, Beck is going to have a rally in DC about restoring HONOR to America. I believe this to be a 'False Flag' operation.
If Beck is successful in getting MILLIONS of Americans to march on the National Mall he will use that power to do one of two things:

1. Glenn Beck will run for President in 2012.

 2. Glenn Beck ( With Sarah Palin) will play king-maker and provide the GOP their candidate for the 2012 POTUS cycle.

This is why Glenn Beck is dangerous, ultimately he will use the power and money he has accumulated to play king maker for the 2012 election cycle. He attacks progressives because he KNOWS that we present a mortal danger to the BECK/FOX desire for a lily white corporate driven plutocracy.
Beck is a EGO DRIVEN Megalomaniac, who I think truly believes that he is on a mission from god.