Mar 12, 2009

Of pompous jerks & Wallstreet perks

Anyone who says that their is NO class warfare have only to compare the Wallstreet (AIG) bailout vs the SAD excuse of a Bailout for car manufacturers.

I am NOT a fan of unions, the only thing they ever did for my dad was take his money, however FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, can we at least PRETEND we give a shit for the people in our country who actually work for a living?????

Whatever happens with our country and the economy, one thing is clear: We are already have a caste system in this country:
Nascar or greens fee's
Walmart or Saks?
Madoff or layoff?

Their really ARE two America's, which one do you live in?

Mar 2, 2009

A violent shift in the GOP?

I have seen an increasingly disturbing trend in the GOP leadership: A penchant for violence.

The path to violence starts with the refusal to recognize that you have been wrong, and a individual or group feels that they are victims.

Given the theme of CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) in DC last week it is evident that the GOP not only does not believe that America's current situation is even partially their fault.
THEIR PATH is and has been correct, it is the rest of us who are wrong!!. When you combine this pathological mentality with rhetoric that concludes that our very FREEDOM & LIBERTY is at stake due to the 'LIBERALS', you have a recipe for violent upheaval, and dare I say it: CIVIL WAR?

According to the brain trust of the GOP, when America voted it out of office starting in 2006, it was the result of the MSM/drive-by media working in conjunction with the liberal left, NOT due to its failed policies/principles....