Nov 24, 2008

How to leverage the Citi-Bank bailout for personal gain.

Here is a recommendations to all Americans. Apply for multiple Citi-bank credit cards (They underwrite a slew of different banks), buy as much citi-bank stock as you can with these cards. Then file Chapter 7, and get some of you tax dollars back...

What a joke this "Gift" is.....

"Change We Can Believe In", derailed by an economy NO ONE saw coming !!

There has been much angst among the far left of the DNC, and some concern among those who helped Obama win this election, concerning the number of centrist selections and Washington insiders being tapped for critical jobs in the new administration.

Ideological campaign themes , have hit the wall of presidential reality.

When banks begin failing at rates not seen since the 1930's you know the economy is in dire straits.
The impact on an incoming administration is profound. You MUST pick veterans of past battles, and place real world expertise as a binary consideration for all high-level governmental positions.
No matter how much you may want to shake up 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., you are forced to make choices based less on ideology, and more on substantive experience.

So before you condemn PE Obama for choosing individuals who appear to be "More of the Same" consider this: If you were drowning, who would you choose to rescue you: The young strapping newbie lifeguard on his first rescue attempt, or the old, grizzled veteran who has saved hundreds from drowning?
I know who I would choose.....

Nov 14, 2008

Hannity Insanity!!!

Ok, now I have heard EVERYTHING!!
Sean Hannity of fixed news has figured out HOW PE Obama has caused the current financial
meltdown. He said it is the "Obama-Effect". Supposedly all the rich dudes in the US have figured out that Obama will take all their stuff away, so they are getting out of the market!!!
No mention of record lay-offs in nearly every employment sector.
No mention of 3 straight quarters of negative growth(All of which occurred prior to Obama winning the election)
No mention of falling GDP, sagging retail sales etc, etc,etc

My god, this is beyond intellectual dishonesty. It is intellectual TERRORISM!!
To spread blatant lies about any President-Elect, let alone one who received more popular votes than any candidate in history, is plain old HATE wrapped in the purported civility of a network TV show.
Sean Hannity should be arrested and held as an enemy-combatant for placing political ideology above national unity.

What a tool.....

The Palin Pathology

Taken as a pure intellectual exercise dissecting the selection of Sarah Palin by JMac, and the resulting circus would be interesting, and perhaps even worthy of a book deal.
However it was a real-world event, one that for 60 days presented catastrophic implications for the US, and the rest of the world. Their is so much idiocy here and on so many levels, it makes one think that collectively America is brain dead!!

Let me be very clear: Sarah Palin would be a danger to the Nation and the World, in any position of National importance. She would make Bush's pick of 'brownie' as FEMA director look absolutely brilliant by comparison. We all know how that turned out.

The GOP knew IMMEDIATELY that she was unfit for the VP position (Or any national position for that matter). Yet on every level from Jmac, to the lowest level GOP operative, Palin was not only accepted, she was universally acclaimed as 'brilliant'. Not one person of power within the GOP spoke the truth, and worse yet, a media blitz aimed at 'selling her' to America was frequently and continually shoved down our throats via every media outlet imaginable. And it worked

The mainstream media knew IMMEDIATELY that she was unfit for the VP position. Yet they did nothing. They cried foul over the lack of access, but did little more than that.

The DNC , its operatives & Obama himself refused to speak the truth, even when asked directly (The wussy media types were PRAYING that someone would do their job!)

Good thing that 52% of America voted appropriately. THANK GOD

But here is what scares the shit out of me: After multiple, very public examples proving that she is incapable of any significant leadership, thought or intellectual curiosity, there are still way too many people that believe that she can be the leader of the GOP. These are not all dumb people, yet they think that a couple of years of "Policy & Issue's" for dummies training, is all she needs to lead this Nation.
Are they all suffering from the Stockholm syndrome? Afraid that they are being sexist? Have aliens taken over their bodies?
I have NO idea.

I do know this:
If by some disaster of reality, she actually becomes POTUS; we should all start looking to the skies for that 'planet-killer' comet, or prepare for the supervolcano that is Yellowstone to erupt.
Because if Sarah Palin becomes POTUS it is proof that the human species has just rendered itself irrelevant to evolution in the most Darwinian way imaginable....

Nov 11, 2008

Last stand of the American Voice

Lets Talk.

We thought our National nightmare ended on election day, we were wrong!

History will record the years immediately following 9/11, as a 'National Identity Crisis', in which our Constitution, the Bill of Rights and civil liberties as we have come to know them were suspended in the name of "Protection".
History will also show that the GOP, led by the neo-con movement(As outlined by PNAC) attempted a coup d’├ętat on our American way of life. The Bush Doctrine led the way, by forcing a 'First Strike Nation' mentality within our government, ensuring that America would now use force against a potential threat, even if the Nation in question did not have the capability, or the proven intent to strike America militarily.

We the People repudiated that path with prejudice on November 4th.
However Power NEVER abdicates quietly, so we are still at risk. With the OVERWHELMING defeat of the GOP, the far-right media, lead by the GOP, has been hard at work...

We have Hannity & Limbaugh spouting lies that are so epic, they defy imagination(Do they REALLY think that Obama is Hitler?, do they think WE will buy this SHIT?). Coulter is spewing rhetoric stating: "Obama will be an utter failure & dangerous for America"
You have a senator from Georgia telling his constituents that we have elected a "Marxist"(A direct quote, I might add)
You have talk radio in Boston telling us that Obama has a "Police Force" akin to the Gestapo ready to pounce on unsuspecting republicans. And last but not least we have Sarah Palin doing her best to distract us with her idiotic-run-on-sentence-speaking-that-makes-NO-sense-interviews.

Meanwhile, the REAL problems we face continue to get worse, while our LAME-DUCK POTUS spends his final days issuing executive orders and regulations designed as a 'POISON PILL' to derail the incoming administrations plans to address these urgent issues.

Over the last eight years the GOP leadership has ruined our national reputation, raided the treasury and brought this country to the brink of bankruptcy.
Now, as the realization that they are finished as a national power envelopes their collective Psyche, they are doing the only thing they know how to do: lie, cheat and steal.
For now they will be content to hide in the shadows, and wait for the 'poison pill' their POTUS has created to work its evil.

If the economy fails, they will blame Big Business.
If America is attacked, they will shrug & say "Not on our watch".
When energy becomes unaffordable, they will commiserate with us, all the while whispering about the failures of those who have led us down this path
When the EU, China or India become the economic, technological or military center of the world, they will say "We told you so"

They will lie in wait, living comfortably on the trillions they have stolen, and safe within the fortresses that they have built. Confident in the knowledge that when the time is right they will regain power the way they always have: BY SPREADING FEAR, UNCERTAINTY & DOUBT

We the People spoke loudly on November 4th, we now need to ensure that the GOP cannot ignore our voices. Our weapon against those who would lead by deceit and fear is knowledge, and for America knowledge is not only power, it the beacon that will light our way towards decisions such as those we made on November 4th.

If we do not continue to use OUR collective power, the future of America will be left in the hands of the ignorant, the greedy and the corrupt....

Nov 5, 2008

America has spoken!!!!

The Neo-con movement AND the republican party of the last eight years have been completely repudiated.
My faith in my fellow Americans has been restored!!!
As I predicted Obama has won a CONVINCING victory, and we will all be better for it, due to the way in which P-E Obama accepted his victory, and challenge!!.

*****Time to Put-Up or Shut-Up America, lets continue to work hard for our country!!!!******

Nov 4, 2008

What will we learn by tonight?

Today we will learn if we still live in a democracy.
But let me be very clear, John McCain cannot win this election, I stand by my earlier prediction of a 330-400 EC vote win!. That said: Forget about the "Close Victory' scenario for McCain, that is a 'pre-condition' for stealing the election.
Obama has about 3.3 million voters either working for him (200,000 in Florida alone), or who have donated to his campaign. With 200 Million potential voters in the USA, this means that Obama has over 1% of the nations voters BEFORE A SINGLE VOTE IS CAST!!
This is an astonishing number, one that no candidate has ever come near.

If we have polling issues in Missouri, Ohio, Virginia or Pennsylvania it is not by accident, it will be by design.
So the only way to ensure an Obama win is by a landslide,