Jan 20, 2009

Third Nation or Collapse?

Every four years we hear "This is the most important election in history"

Only this time it was true. Fortunately WE made the correct choice. Can we now fix America?

Let me be very clear, America faces the same prospects as the former USSR


1. Lack of direction for the goldmine of "Green" technologies.The Oil economy is dead, (Hydrogen via Fusion and/or Fuel Cell Technology) is the future. The country that leads this change will dominate the 21st century. If we do not lead, China, India or the EU will.
2. Partisan politics . If we do not stand together, we most assuredly will fall apart. As a Nation we have NOT shown that we can stand together during tough times.
3. The class/culture wars MUST end. We should all have a chance to share in the wealth of this Nation. The trend of the wealthiest 1% becoming a 'protected' class is a losing game for 99.9% of the country.Unfortunately the 1.10th of 1% that continue to benefit from our current direction have no reason to want change, and they are not known for their "Giving Nature"

The concept of 'Third Nation' is based on a simple historical fact:

Fundamental widespread change will either make or break a Nation

Greece,Rome, the British Empire and the former USSR are all examples of this principle in action. In each case the inability, or unwillingness to change brought about a inevitable collapse of a once great society. As the worlds only superpower (like Rome) , an American collapse would have global impact. History paints a bleak picture for the World when a global power dies before a new world 'Leader' is crowned.

For the first 100 years of this countries existence, our economy was "Slave Labor" driven.
We were the last western nation to abolish slavery, and join the industrial revolution. This was the "First Nation" of our Republic. The fundamental change to an industrialized OIL driven economy was the root cause of the civil war. When the dust settled we had a new nation, and a new economic driver: OIL.
Oil drove our industrial revolution thus our economy for over 120 years, and we became "The Second Nation", the current state of America.

The "Third Nation" is a Hydrogen driven economy. The myths of Bio-Fuels, Clean Coal, Nuclear (Fission) energy are just that; MYTHS and unsustainable as prime movers of our Nation or the World. While the above energy sources should be utilized as 'stop-gaps' , they are NOT the solution. Unfortunately a paradigm shift of this magnitude will not happen without great pain. Only with the leadership of a STRONG America can the world make this change peacefully.

These are dangerous times for America and the World at large. We have to prepare for possibility that the "pains" of this rebirth could be equal to or greater than those of the late mid to late 1800's.

The power brokers of the World will not relinquish their domination without a fight.
History teaches us the perils of fundamental change. We are already seeing the the pains of this change: The collapse of our financial industry, the division within our nation, and the ever rising costs associated with our dwindling energy resources.
While the cost of Oil has been driven down by the weakened economy(& the fact that Oil Speculators were busted), this change is temporary. Oil, Coal and LNG are finite resources. Nuclear energy touted by many as a possible "Fix" is also a finite source.
If we were to convert our entire energy platform to Nuclear energy as France has done, we would exhaust the global supply of uranium within 10 years.(And unleash a environmental nightmare of spent fuel rod storage that will guarantee a future disaster of unprecedented proportions)

If we can put a man on the moon in ten years, we can make this fundamental change within our lifetime.
We have NO CHOICE. The cost of failure is too high.....

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