May 21, 2010

Man bites GOD, will GOD bite back?

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 For the first time in Human history, we have created life.
Not cloning an existing life-form, I am talking creating a real gee-fucking-whiz cell based life-form. This Frankenstein novel is being played out by the braniacs @ the J Craig Venter Institute genetics lab.

I mean we never make mistakes right? It's not like we could fuck-up some protein sequence in the DNA, and end up creating non nuclear gene inheritance scenario's that follow a 'new set of laws of nature', or create a microbe that would kill all plant like on Earth (THAT almost happened in 1990, it was called Klebsiella planticola )

I am all for science, but when you realize that this genetics lab is funded by BP and other OIL companies, and is a "For-Profit" model, it makes you wonder what they are attempting to do, other than make a boat load of cash.....
As we all know it is seldom the shit you know that fucks you up, it is what you don't know that gets ya every time.

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