Sep 25, 2008

I'll gladly pay you Tuesday, for $82,000 today!!

Isn't that what Wimpy asked Popeye? Oh wait THAT was for a hamburger, not the whole damn steer!
Whats funny is that Wimpy LOVED burgers,but was too cheap to pay for them. He was always looking to fleece poor Popeye for the cost of a burger,and Popeye the good guy that he is, usually ponied up for the cost of that burger.

Sound familiar?

Unfortunately you and I are Popeye, and Wimpy sounds a lot like our elected officials. We are paying for the most expensive "Burger" ever made. To add insult to injury; not only won't we get paid back for the burger, Wimpy and his hungry cohorts will "Dine & Ditch" sticking the next two generations with the tab.

I never did like Wimpy much.

Yep,$82,000, that is what each of us will owe the US Treasury by the end of next year, due to the enormous national debt. Even that figure requires us to be lucky enough to sell off the bad debt that Wimpy and his brilliant Wall Street cohorts have strapped us with.
Lets try this instead:

1. Seize ALL assets held by senior management of ANY entity We the People are being forced to subsidize.While we are at it, seize any remaining corporate assets as well.

2. Liquidate these assets and add them to the the 1 Trillion $ "Proposed" Wall Street slush fund. Do NOT under any circumstance give our money to those who created the problem.

3. Use those funds to pay off ALL outstanding mortgages in this order:
a)Any homeowner who has been fiscally responsible and is not in default
b)Homeowners who where victimized by predatory lenders
c)Homeowners whose ONLY residence has been or is going to be foreclosed

If our money is to be utilized, let us bailout main street, let Wall Street can fend for itself. They created the current mess, time for them to wallow in it. Maybe next time they decide to go all Gordon Gekko on US, they will dwell more on consequences and less on profit.

4. Fire the entire government (We get to do that this year people!!)And replace them with the the folks in step 3a. At the very least we know they can balance their checkbooks.

5. First order of business for newly elected officials: Constitutional amendment requiring a national balanced budget.
Can't pay for a war against some pesky dictator? Sorry it would be illegal to borrow OUR money to start one.
Gotta buy a neat new toy to blow up someone half a world away? Better have cash in hand!!

6. Two words: Term Limits

Imagine the possibilities of a fiscally responsible government!
A government that "Pays as it goes" instead of trading the future our country for personal power or profit. I wonder what our founding fathers would think of our leaders today?

Didn't Ben Franklin once say "A penny saved is a penny earned?"
Guess we know what they would think, AND what they intended for this country. America was not founded to be a debtor nation.

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