Sep 27, 2008

Independent thought optional

Here is my advice for the last three debates: (1 VP, 2 remaining POTUS)
Turn OFF the TV after the debate, before the talking heads try to tell you who won and why.

Please make your own decisions!!!

We wring our hands, complain about the state of politics, and how inadequate our leaders are.
Truth is, this reflects poorly on the American voter.

Democrats think Obama won.
Republicans think McCain won.
Both parties released statements PREPARED days in advance of the debate, celebrating their victory.
If you watched Fox TV, McCain won.
If you watched MSNBC, Obama won.
The other media outlets I watched, talked endlessly in a loop, and kept repeating inane talking points
I heard ONE media outlet (With the best political ....) describe the ISSUES as minutia!!!

You get one vote, and one chance to let your voice be heard.

In world of endless media cycles and talking heads, independent thinking is becoming increasingly difficult.
If we continue to make our votes a mere reflection of group thought, democracy as we know it is lost.

As agent Mulder once said: "The truth is out there", Its just harder to find these days.

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