Sep 29, 2008

Palin as POTUS

This election cycle has been brutal. It has been long (Longer for Obama), and contentious. I cannot comprehend the amount of stress the candidates are under. I think it would be fair to say, given the state of our nation, the next president will endure a unending series of stressful situations.

Can McCain make it through a 4 year term?

Imagine the world during a McCain presidency. Not Bush III, but McBush I:
A government with a seriously compromised Executive branch. (GOP in charge during crisis with a 72 year old ANGRY version of W)
A completely broken Legislative branch.
A broken economy (as I write this DOW is down 730 & change),
A resurgent Russia(Iran, North Korea ,Etc) and finally there is that pesky terrorism issue.
Is McCain @ 72 going to be able to handle all of this? If so how?

Now imagine he falls ill.

Sarah Palin is POTUS.

She has trouble handling the softball media of 2008, what happens when: "Putin rears his Head"? Only this time its for real, and she has "football"
Think of it this way, replace JFK with Sarah Palin during the Cuban missile crisis. Get the Idea?

Senator McCain are you still ABSOLUTELY, ABSOLUTELY SURE Palin is qualified to lead the free world?.

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