Sep 24, 2008

About this blog

Read my blog at your own risk:

I am an anarchist at heart, with a wicked liberal streak.
I think most people are full of shit; know that ALL conservatives are; and don't care about views other than my own.
Comment if you must, but understand that I will consider you part of the stupid uninformed masses, unless you prove otherwise.

I am so fucking tired of wussy progressives and lame-assed liberals taking shit from the GOP and conservatives, that I am PISSED. This blog is a way to fight back/vent.
So stand up and vote, get involved, write & promote your own blog, or shut the fuck up. If you can't or won't get involved, you got no right to complain.

I am anti-violence, but use allegory, satire and occasional violent rhetoric to get my point across. If you are too fucking dense to understand the difference, don't blame me for your lack of insight/intelligence, just go watch your Glenn Beck reruns.


Rush Limbaugh should be skull-fucked with that 10K GOLD phallic symbol he uses to spread his vile shit via radio.
Glenn Beck should be forced to live with his fans, cause they would tear him to shreds within minutes.
I would call Ann Coulter a CUNT, but that would be an insult to the actual body part.
Michelle Malkin, Shaun Hannity and Sarah Palin are so fucking stupid, that anything they say should be considered evidence of a clinical pathology, nobody can spout that much vile shit and be considered healthy, or human for that matter.

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