Nov 11, 2008

Last stand of the American Voice

Lets Talk.

We thought our National nightmare ended on election day, we were wrong!

History will record the years immediately following 9/11, as a 'National Identity Crisis', in which our Constitution, the Bill of Rights and civil liberties as we have come to know them were suspended in the name of "Protection".
History will also show that the GOP, led by the neo-con movement(As outlined by PNAC) attempted a coup d’├ętat on our American way of life. The Bush Doctrine led the way, by forcing a 'First Strike Nation' mentality within our government, ensuring that America would now use force against a potential threat, even if the Nation in question did not have the capability, or the proven intent to strike America militarily.

We the People repudiated that path with prejudice on November 4th.
However Power NEVER abdicates quietly, so we are still at risk. With the OVERWHELMING defeat of the GOP, the far-right media, lead by the GOP, has been hard at work...

We have Hannity & Limbaugh spouting lies that are so epic, they defy imagination(Do they REALLY think that Obama is Hitler?, do they think WE will buy this SHIT?). Coulter is spewing rhetoric stating: "Obama will be an utter failure & dangerous for America"
You have a senator from Georgia telling his constituents that we have elected a "Marxist"(A direct quote, I might add)
You have talk radio in Boston telling us that Obama has a "Police Force" akin to the Gestapo ready to pounce on unsuspecting republicans. And last but not least we have Sarah Palin doing her best to distract us with her idiotic-run-on-sentence-speaking-that-makes-NO-sense-interviews.

Meanwhile, the REAL problems we face continue to get worse, while our LAME-DUCK POTUS spends his final days issuing executive orders and regulations designed as a 'POISON PILL' to derail the incoming administrations plans to address these urgent issues.

Over the last eight years the GOP leadership has ruined our national reputation, raided the treasury and brought this country to the brink of bankruptcy.
Now, as the realization that they are finished as a national power envelopes their collective Psyche, they are doing the only thing they know how to do: lie, cheat and steal.
For now they will be content to hide in the shadows, and wait for the 'poison pill' their POTUS has created to work its evil.

If the economy fails, they will blame Big Business.
If America is attacked, they will shrug & say "Not on our watch".
When energy becomes unaffordable, they will commiserate with us, all the while whispering about the failures of those who have led us down this path
When the EU, China or India become the economic, technological or military center of the world, they will say "We told you so"

They will lie in wait, living comfortably on the trillions they have stolen, and safe within the fortresses that they have built. Confident in the knowledge that when the time is right they will regain power the way they always have: BY SPREADING FEAR, UNCERTAINTY & DOUBT

We the People spoke loudly on November 4th, we now need to ensure that the GOP cannot ignore our voices. Our weapon against those who would lead by deceit and fear is knowledge, and for America knowledge is not only power, it the beacon that will light our way towards decisions such as those we made on November 4th.

If we do not continue to use OUR collective power, the future of America will be left in the hands of the ignorant, the greedy and the corrupt....

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