Nov 14, 2008

The Palin Pathology

Taken as a pure intellectual exercise dissecting the selection of Sarah Palin by JMac, and the resulting circus would be interesting, and perhaps even worthy of a book deal.
However it was a real-world event, one that for 60 days presented catastrophic implications for the US, and the rest of the world. Their is so much idiocy here and on so many levels, it makes one think that collectively America is brain dead!!

Let me be very clear: Sarah Palin would be a danger to the Nation and the World, in any position of National importance. She would make Bush's pick of 'brownie' as FEMA director look absolutely brilliant by comparison. We all know how that turned out.

The GOP knew IMMEDIATELY that she was unfit for the VP position (Or any national position for that matter). Yet on every level from Jmac, to the lowest level GOP operative, Palin was not only accepted, she was universally acclaimed as 'brilliant'. Not one person of power within the GOP spoke the truth, and worse yet, a media blitz aimed at 'selling her' to America was frequently and continually shoved down our throats via every media outlet imaginable. And it worked

The mainstream media knew IMMEDIATELY that she was unfit for the VP position. Yet they did nothing. They cried foul over the lack of access, but did little more than that.

The DNC , its operatives & Obama himself refused to speak the truth, even when asked directly (The wussy media types were PRAYING that someone would do their job!)

Good thing that 52% of America voted appropriately. THANK GOD

But here is what scares the shit out of me: After multiple, very public examples proving that she is incapable of any significant leadership, thought or intellectual curiosity, there are still way too many people that believe that she can be the leader of the GOP. These are not all dumb people, yet they think that a couple of years of "Policy & Issue's" for dummies training, is all she needs to lead this Nation.
Are they all suffering from the Stockholm syndrome? Afraid that they are being sexist? Have aliens taken over their bodies?
I have NO idea.

I do know this:
If by some disaster of reality, she actually becomes POTUS; we should all start looking to the skies for that 'planet-killer' comet, or prepare for the supervolcano that is Yellowstone to erupt.
Because if Sarah Palin becomes POTUS it is proof that the human species has just rendered itself irrelevant to evolution in the most Darwinian way imaginable....

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