Nov 14, 2008

Hannity Insanity!!!

Ok, now I have heard EVERYTHING!!
Sean Hannity of fixed news has figured out HOW PE Obama has caused the current financial
meltdown. He said it is the "Obama-Effect". Supposedly all the rich dudes in the US have figured out that Obama will take all their stuff away, so they are getting out of the market!!!
No mention of record lay-offs in nearly every employment sector.
No mention of 3 straight quarters of negative growth(All of which occurred prior to Obama winning the election)
No mention of falling GDP, sagging retail sales etc, etc,etc

My god, this is beyond intellectual dishonesty. It is intellectual TERRORISM!!
To spread blatant lies about any President-Elect, let alone one who received more popular votes than any candidate in history, is plain old HATE wrapped in the purported civility of a network TV show.
Sean Hannity should be arrested and held as an enemy-combatant for placing political ideology above national unity.

What a tool.....

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