Nov 24, 2008

"Change We Can Believe In", derailed by an economy NO ONE saw coming !!

There has been much angst among the far left of the DNC, and some concern among those who helped Obama win this election, concerning the number of centrist selections and Washington insiders being tapped for critical jobs in the new administration.

Ideological campaign themes , have hit the wall of presidential reality.

When banks begin failing at rates not seen since the 1930's you know the economy is in dire straits.
The impact on an incoming administration is profound. You MUST pick veterans of past battles, and place real world expertise as a binary consideration for all high-level governmental positions.
No matter how much you may want to shake up 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., you are forced to make choices based less on ideology, and more on substantive experience.

So before you condemn PE Obama for choosing individuals who appear to be "More of the Same" consider this: If you were drowning, who would you choose to rescue you: The young strapping newbie lifeguard on his first rescue attempt, or the old, grizzled veteran who has saved hundreds from drowning?
I know who I would choose.....

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