Nov 4, 2008

What will we learn by tonight?

Today we will learn if we still live in a democracy.
But let me be very clear, John McCain cannot win this election, I stand by my earlier prediction of a 330-400 EC vote win!. That said: Forget about the "Close Victory' scenario for McCain, that is a 'pre-condition' for stealing the election.
Obama has about 3.3 million voters either working for him (200,000 in Florida alone), or who have donated to his campaign. With 200 Million potential voters in the USA, this means that Obama has over 1% of the nations voters BEFORE A SINGLE VOTE IS CAST!!
This is an astonishing number, one that no candidate has ever come near.

If we have polling issues in Missouri, Ohio, Virginia or Pennsylvania it is not by accident, it will be by design.
So the only way to ensure an Obama win is by a landslide,


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