Jun 7, 2010

Glenn Beck: The most dangerous man in America?

Let me be VERY clear. Glenn Beck is not crazy, nor is he as he calls himself, a rodeo clown.

Glenn Beck is quite possibly the most dangerous man in AMERICA. Of course now most of you will consider me 'BAT-SHIT-CRAZY', for ASSUMING he has such power, but just humor me for a minute or two.
Beck has taken the violent rhetoric of Rush Limbaugh, the snide racist intellectualism of  Bill O'Reilly , and the "New World Order, we must Revolt" insurgency of Alex Jones and main-streamed it. When you add the subtle 'End-Times' prophetical undertones he adds to capture the evangelical fringe, what you have is a recipe for disaster.
I mean lets be candid, to be a Beck Buddy, and to actually buy-in to his message, you MUST be a bit unhinged. Does he make valid points about our economy, and the corruption in DC?, occasionally sure. But  he sprinkles those bits of truth with the cancerous fecal matter of violence, intolerance and fear.

Many of us who support the progressive agenda tend to write Mr Beck off as a nutcase who will eventually be hoisted on his own petard. 
In doing so we play right into his hands.
He has a millions of card carrying, right wing wacko's fans . They are, for lack of a better term"American Jihadists", who fervently believe that their America is being stolen from them. (The lady @ the 1:17 point in the video is typical of the Beck audience)

Om 8-28, Beck is going to have a rally in DC about restoring HONOR to America. I believe this to be a 'False Flag' operation.
If Beck is successful in getting MILLIONS of Americans to march on the National Mall he will use that power to do one of two things:

1. Glenn Beck will run for President in 2012.

 2. Glenn Beck ( With Sarah Palin) will play king-maker and provide the GOP their candidate for the 2012 POTUS cycle.

This is why Glenn Beck is dangerous, ultimately he will use the power and money he has accumulated to play king maker for the 2012 election cycle. He attacks progressives because he KNOWS that we present a mortal danger to the BECK/FOX desire for a lily white corporate driven plutocracy.
Beck is a EGO DRIVEN Megalomaniac, who I think truly believes that he is on a mission from god.



  1. Glenn was hired by Murdoch because he is a voice we need to hear. He hunts for the truth, isn't afraid of criticisum, is bringing us back to our Creator who is over us all. He is humble, funny, makes fun of himself and tells the truth about who he was and who he is now. How blessed we are to have someone like him who tries to find the truth for us, and believe me it's refreshing.

  2. This guy was a Morning Zoo DJ. He's not what you think and to take his words as some kind of gospel just shows how wacked-crazy the religious right is, desperate for some kind of leader. Any leader who preaches some God stuff and anything bad about progressive America. You all want to live in some religious stone age. Vote on people's right to live and love who they wish and do what they wish with their bodies and their lives. It's sick. Anyone can get on the air take these simple minds for a ride. I bet I could do it. Glenn Beck? I mean really? This is your voice? That's sad. Sarah Pallin? Michelle Bachman? It's ridiculous. Live like us or we'll vote your rights away, under the umbrella of American Traditional Values. BS!!!! It's racial fear, fear of those different then you, and fear of some bible that tells you to love they neighbor, unless they're black, gay, of another religion, or just like you. We know your story. It's been going on in history for thousands of years. Thankfully history has made some right choices. (See civil rights, women's rights, and separation of church and state)