Jun 19, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill: Tony Hayward Attends Glitzy Yacht Race As Oil Spews Into Gulf

Look, we live at a time where there are two worlds, the one that the Tony Hayward occupies , and the one that you and I live in.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING you or I say, or do will ever effect those who live in the world of extreme wealth & privilege.

Out of sight of the public, they are LTAO at us 'small' people, knowing that they will always win, because those that rule the corporations, and those that rule countries, are the same people.

Even if Hayward is canned over this, he will retire to his house in the country, sail his Yacht, and opine about his days where the Americans interrupted his "Life".

I wonder if BP has any Oil platforms in the Isle of Wight?
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