Jun 28, 2010

New RIGHT-WING Freakout:: Obama can shut off the Internet

First, anyone who has EVER believed that the 'Internets' are completely anonymous, leave the room, you are not SMART enough to be a part of this conversation.

Obama, the US Government and/or the CIA CANNOT shut off the internet. Trust me on this one, the internet will still be there, waiting for those of us smart enough to make its way around whatever blocking scheme is used.
How would the FEDS 'turn-off' the internet? They most likely would not.
I mean think about this for a second, the LAST thing you want during a crisis is slack-jawed, internet ZOMBIES, having NO access to the news, and having to , GOD FORBID, turn on a TV or buy a paper for OLD INFORMATION. Their heads could explode.......

However you could control ALL info.
Most likely by redirecting ALL traffic to approved government information sites. Since we humans can remember names better than numbers, there is a "Naming" scheme called DNS that takes the Names of the site you want to visit; say cnn.com, and automatically transforms them to the actual Internet Protocol Address ( etc), . Point EVERYTHING to Whitehouse.GOV and you have effectively taken down the internet for 99.9% of the Nation.

If you read the BILL, the concern is flow of information, the Government doesn't want to shut OFF the internet, they want to CONTROL what you know during a crisis. More importantly, they want to control what you THINK about a crisis, and there is no better way to do that than having only ONE CLEARINGHOUSE for information.

Unlike millions of others, I would only be marginally impacted by a internet "Blockade", due to my IT background. Those like myself, who have Internet Technology/Network knowledge would immediately move to set conduits in place to bypass the blockade. ( How do you think IRAN got access to Facebook and Twitter when their government blocked it?)
You see the Internet was designed to work in the face of a Nuclear War, it is hard to block, or damage, BY DESIGN, so just because some Bureaucrat wants to block MY access to YOU-TUBE, won't make it so.

So GOP quit screaming about stupid stuff, lets discuss something REALLY scary. like you guys being back in charge....

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