Jun 9, 2010

Open letter to Birthers, RightWing nuts & Obama Haters

I am not sure if I should laugh at you A-Holes, or cry because of how clueless you are.
Doesn't really matter, but  here are a couple of things you need to remember:

1. We are ALL Americans. You are not a better citizen than me because you claim some special understanding of the Constitution, or because you claim to know what the founders intended. The Founders have been dead for hundreds of years, and no matter HOW MANY books you read about them, their intentions are still open to interpretation. 

2. Your aren't any smarter than the Democrats/Liberals/Progressives, because Limbaugh, Beck, Jones or Levine tell you that LISTENING to their shows makes you smarter. It actually proves that you are a dumb-ass because half of what they tell you is CRAP. ( Do you really think buying FOOD INSURANCE, or GOLD will save your family if ARMAGEDDON comes....?)

3.Being pissed that YOUR TEAM lost, does not give you the right to denigrate the other side by calling them Anti-American , or socialist , or a NAZI for Christs sake. If you are that ANGRY , you need serious help. Because what you are doing is damaging to our COUNTRY, and you need to stop NOW!!!

4. Elections matter. The GOP lost because their ideas were overwhelmingly rejected by the average American starting in 2006. Grow up and accept defeat like a MAN, and quit whining.

5. You are entitled to your own opinions, but NOT your own facts. Quit lying about EVERYTHING!!!. You are killing the country you claim to love. Obama did NOT cause the financial meltdown; your team did. Democrats did NOT start two wars, and give the rich guys a TAX CUT, the GOP did that. We have OIL killing the Gulf Coast region because of eight years of back room OIL  deals, not because of anything the Obama Administration did or did not do. So if you want to govern, prove to the American people that you can, and start now. AS it stands, you are going down in history as the first minority party that did not pass a single bill under an opposition president.

Bush and his cronies screwed the country up so completely, that it will take DECADES to repair the damage. Unfortunately the American voter has a short attention span, and will eventually blame Obama for the mess conservatives created. This means the GOP will most likely take back the house and senate in November, and Obama will most likely be a one-term president. That is if he survives the inevitable impeachment proceedings the GOP will start IF they win big in November.

However, any victory will be short lived. Your base is getting older, and less ethnically diversified, while America is getting younger, and more ethnically diversified.
Your days are numbered and you know it. And like ANY mortally wounded animal , you are attacking anyone who gets close to you, and you appear to be eating your own.
Real Americans can only hope that you don't destroy the country in your wrong headed attempt to win back power.

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