Jun 20, 2010

More proof that El-Rushbo is a sociopath....

In reading this REPORT, it became apparent to me that Rush Limbaugh is NOT human, and should be held in contempt by ALL Americans.
The gist of the article is that RL thinks that KIDS, who's parents cannot feed them, should quit whining and just go dumpster diving. His hypothesis is that government food is bad, hunger is good, and you tube has plenty of video's on how to eat properly from dumpsters.
Look I get the whole partisan attack thing, but when you start saying, "Its OK for children in the US to die of HUNGER", you reveal what a horrible excuse for a human you are. I wonder if his new wife agrees with his views?
I'm sure that RL told her that what he says on the radio is just rhetoric, and not how he really feel's . I say BULLSHIT!
If you ain't White, Rich, and Republican RL thinks you are a waste of flesh.

May he Reap what he sows......

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