Oct 4, 2008

Post VP Debate Rant

How is it a vice presidential candidate can avoid ANY question they do not feel comfortable answering? Why is it that the MSM, allows them that latitude.

Had Biden made comments similar to Palin,he would have been castigated by CNN, McCain, and anyone else with a public voice, and they would be correct. A VP MUST be able to talk intelligently about the issues. Presenting talking points and canned stump speeches in place of answers, are insulting to the American voter.

Here is a translation of GOP "Spin-Speak:

"Plain Speaking" Means the candidate has at best an 8th grade vocabulary.
"Straight-Talk" Means the candidate will lie, even if those lies have been exposed.
"Folkism's" A indication that the word or phrase spoken was so ridiculous, that
handlers don't have a way to spin it
"Shout Out" Something mostly brain-dead game show contestants do when on TV
for the first time.
"Maverick" A phrase that insinuates a person works in an unorthodox manner. In
politics,it is usually used by an insider who wants people to 'think' they
are not like the politician they are running against.

I am outraged that Gov Palin was selected as John McCain's running mate.

She is unprepared to be VP.
She has no qualifications to be VP.
She is of average intellect, and shows no grasp of National affairs.
She does not represent the qualities I want in a top government official.
She will put America at GRAVE risk, should she become President.

In short, the "County First" ticket has demonstrated questionable judgment, and has clearly put "Power" first.
This should disqualify the McCain/Palin ticket from running for the presidency.

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