Oct 30, 2008

Politics of fear, and pettiness

Obama talks about hope,
McCain counters with character assassination.

Obama speaks of America's Strength,
McCain discusses Obama's 'shady past'

Obama tells us that together, we cannot fail
McCain paints a future wrought with peril, with him as the only solution.

Obama speaks of his vision where the middle class thrives, and a country that helps those in need,
McCain calls him a Marxist.

How petty, how pathetic.

The GOP and John McCain should be ashamed of the campaign they have run . Their obvious contempt for Senator Obama, and divisive tactics should be universally condemned.
When this election is complete, regardless of outcome, We The People need to contact our elected representatives, and demand substantial election reform.

We can no longer have endless election cycles that fan the flames of racial intolerance, class warfare and bigotry.
If our LEADERS cannot rise above the base emotions, and pettiness that divide us, what chance does our country have?

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