Oct 28, 2008

A Campaign in Disarray? or the Illusion of Disarray as a McCain Tactic?

You have probably noticed that the GOP is getting downright nasty. Guess they believe the polls.
McCain looks like he is going to blow a gasket, and Palin, well Palin seems to be abandoning the ship based on her comments of late. Rumors from "Unidentified" sources within the campaign are confirming this supposed mutiny. What makes this behavior curious is that McCain can still win, and THEY know it.
A part of me feels like this is a GOP tactic; presenting to the media a campaign that appears to be in disarray, with the purpose of disenfranchising Obama supporters by presenting the appearance of an Obama landslide.
If just .01% of potential Obama supporters assume the race is over, and don't vote, it will spell disaster for the Obama/Biden ticket.
I hope I am wrong....

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