Oct 19, 2008

The Third Nation

Every four years we hear "This is the most important election in history"
Only this time it is true.
The choice is so stark, and the times so dire that making the wrong choice could possibly be the undoing of our Constitutional Republic.
In my opinion Barak Obama is not only the correct choice, but the only choice.
This is why:
1. He chose a Vice President that is capable of being president.
2. He has the intellectual capacity required to run this nation.
3. He has the temperament to navigate the current state of international affairs.
4. He is not controlled by special interests. He has run the ONLY campaign in modern times that is not financed by special interests. How do I know that ? By his average donation amount.:$86
WE THE PEOPLE have donated the bulk of his campaign funds.
5. Electing Senator Obama will be a declaration to the world that America has embraced the spirit of our Constitution after 232 years of talking the talk, but not walking the walk. We are the only democracy in the world who has never elected a woman or person of color to lead their country. Electing Senator Obama will have a profound effect on our allies, sending a clear message that we have finally entered the 21st century, and are again ready to lead the free world.

There are many reasons to elect Senator Obama. But let me be very clear, the time has come for ALL of us to defend our country, by accepting the fact that we need to change the fundamentals of our Nation, starting with the engine that drives the world economy: OIL.
Senator Obama could become the first POTUS not in the pocket of Big Oil in 50 years. Therefore he will be able to lead us to energy independence and the fundamental change required to become "The Third Nation" within the structure of our Republic.
What I mean by "The Third Nation" is very simple.

For the first 100 years of this countries existence, our economy was "Slave Labor" driven. We were the last western nation to abolish slavery, and join the industrial revolution. This was the "First Nation" of our Republic. This fundamental change caused the southern states to secede from our young republic, and was the root cause of the civil war. When the dust settled we had a new nation, and a new driver of our economy, OIL. Oil drove our industrial revolution, thus our economy, and we became "The Second Nation", the current state of our Nation.

Fundamental change is the rebirth of a Nation. History teaches us the perils of this type of change. We are already seeing the the pains of this change: The collapse of our financial industry, the division within our nation, and the ever rising costs associated with our dwindling energy resources. While the cost of Oil has been driven down by the weakened economy, this change is temporary. Oil, coal and LNG are finite resources. Nuclear energy touted by many as a possible "Fix" is also a finite source.
If we were to convert our entire energy platform to Nuclear energy as France has done, we would exhaust the global supply of uranium within 10 years.
The ultimate goal should be Hydrogen, the most plentiful element in the universe. However until we have the technology to accomplish this inexpensively we must use every renewable energy source available to us.
In order to become the "Third Nation", we must focus our technology and our resources to fund programs that will allow us to move to a 21st century energy source, not fight other countries for what little Oil is left.
If we are able to succeed in this endeavor, we will change the world. With cheap abundant power, not only will the fundamentals of the world economy change, we will change as well.

These are dangerous times for America and the World. We have to prepare for possibility that the "pains" of this rebirth could be equal to or greater than those of the late 1800's. To minimize the effect of this change we will need strong leadership in Washington, and the intestinal fortitude average Americans have demonstrated throughout our Nations history.

If we can put a man on the moon in ten years, we can make this fundamental change within our lifetime.
We really have no choice, so we must make the correct choice on November 4th.

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