Oct 10, 2008

Criminal Behavior

By now we have all seen the despicable behavior of the mobs that showed up in Florida supporting the McCain/Palin ticket; People shouting "Terrorist" and "Kill Him" directed towards Senator Obama.

This hate mongering is not only dangerous, it may be a violation of federal law. The secret service makes no distinction between threats made towards the president or ANY elected member of the US government. Barrack Obama is currently a Senator, and you cannot make threats of violence even in jest. By NOT denouncing this behavior on the spot, Governor Palin is an accessory. At the very least she has shown her true colors with this display of depraved indifference. Previous to these rallies, I did not believe the accusations of "Abuse of Power" directed towards the Governor during her governorship of of Alaska.
Now I not only believe the allegations, but consider her to be judgmentally unfit to serve in any state or federal position.

By not addressing this behavior immediately, it sends a message to the extremest right wing of the GOP, that McCain/Palin ticket is not opposed to the idea of criminal acts towards the Obama/Biden ticket.
This is unbelievable behavior even for the GOP, and they should be held accountable for it on November 4th.

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