Oct 7, 2008

Pre-Debate comments

It is 1/2 hour prior to the second POTUS debate.
McCain needs a "knockout", and I do not believe he has the intellectual capacity to achieve this goal.Senator Obama has demonstrated a calm demeanor that is quite effective in disarming his opponents.
If McCain starts to attack, it will put the final nail in the coffin of his presidential campaign. I doubt that McCain will be able to hide his disdain for Obama, and if he refuses AGAIN to look at him, he will lose this debate regardless of what else transpires.
The bottom line is that McCain cannot believe he is losing to Obama, and was barely able to hide his personal dislike for Senator Obama during the last debate. Obama does hold any animosity towards McCain. While Obama respectfully disagrees with McCain, McCain has made this personal, and that fact will ultimately be his downfall.
My prediction: Pain for McCain......

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