Oct 27, 2008

How to steal an Election

Al Gore won the 2000 election, this is a statement of fact confirmed by historical records.

I will not get into the details, but the Supreme court elected George Bush POTUS. It was only after the fact that we learned that Florida, a State run by Bush's brother, had miscounted over 30,000 provisional ballots cast for Al Gore. Since Bush lost the Popular vote by 550,000 and only won Florida by 330 votes, the implications are staggering.

John McCain's new "Lets make this close" strategy, combined with the RNC'S actions over the last 10 days seem to be an attempt to duplicate the 2000 election results.

The RNC has lawyers in every battleground state trying to suppress voter turnout, or invalidate votes already cast. Motions have been filed to purge voter registration lists and/or to restrict early voting (Which has gone overwhelmingly to Obama). E-Voting systems in Florida, Pennsylvania and Virginia have a "Bug" that changes your presidential pick to McCain when voting a straight democratic ticket, and touch screen E-Voting systems tend to place votes for McCain when Obama's name is selected. Check out backbox voting for details in your area.

In the last 10 days the RNC has filed legal motions to purge 200,000 voters from the registration rolls in Ohio (They lost), and have now set their sights on Colorado, Pennsylvania and Florida, using similar tactics. I am flabbergasted by the unabashedly corrupt tactics that McCain is using in order to be POTUS!!

We all know polls can be flawed, but the McCain campaigns actions validate the polling results: that McCain has little if any chance of winning.
He seems to have given up winning this election fairly. He has pulled out of Michigan, pulled ads from most markets, and spent the two precious days in Iowa and New Mexico, states where he cannot win.

If on November 4th, Senator Obama wins Virginia (Or any of the Battleground states), Senator McCain CANNOT win the election.
Could McCain "Run the Table" and win ALL the battleground states? Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Indiana, Missouri,Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada? Sure, and if he does he will still lose the election: 272 to 266!!!

He must win all of the states listed above, and take at least one "Strong" democratic state.
The odds of that happening are astronomical.

Plainly put,( Since McCain is a high stakes gambler) If McCain wins, it will be the equivalent to John & Obama playing Texas Hold'em, with Obama holding 4 aces.
McCain is down to his last card, and completes a Royal Flush on the river, the only hand that can beat Obama
Possible? Yeah, but not in the real world.

The following comments are my opinion, and I have no facts to support this scenario.
I want to be perfectly clear on this.

So for the record I will state that the only way McCain can win this election is by stealing it as the GOP did in 2000.

The GOP has set in motion the same chain of events as in the 2000 election. The stage is set.

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