Oct 14, 2008

Objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear

Gore 2000
Kerry 2004

Other than losing elections to W, what did their campaigns have in common?
Both were certain that they were winning the election, based on internal polling numbers, and how their candidate performed in the POTUS debates.
Both were wrong.

The Kerry campaign was so certain of victory, that in the days up to, and including election day, they were using the "L" word, as in "Landslide". Boy were they wrong!!!
They based their confidence in part to the "Likability" polls that consistently showed Kerry with 20+ point leads over Bush going into the last weeks of the 2004 election.(Even though election polling showed a tie or slight edge to Bush)

Obama has consistently beat McCain in these Polls as well.(50%-36% as of today)

However unlike his peers, Senator Obama is running a campaign based on winning the electoral college vote, not the popular vote.
As a result , he is 50EC votes ahead of where the 2004 Kerry campaign was on October 1st 2004. Current polls suggest Obama holds a 101EC vote lead over McCain.

However as the title of this blog infers, Senator Obama should not start planning a move to DC yet, funny things can happen in 21 days.

Just ask Al & John....

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