Oct 7, 2008


Referring to a Senator as "THAT ONE" is as close as we will ever see one candidate call his opponent "Asshole". McCain has truly lost his way. He was also very condescending to US, with his comment on Freddie Mac and Fannie May.

However we did get a glimpse of a McCain presidency.

If McCain is president he will:

1. Put all OUR medical records on the Internet.(This is beyond idiotic, if its on the 'net. it will get hacked, what a gaffe!)
2. Described solving medicare as easy. Really? To me this means he will do nothing. If the fix is easy, there is not a problem.
3. Work on Energy, Health care and the Economy simultaneously. Not possible, he knows it, we know it. He is lying to the American people during a POTUS debate, we ALL know what that means. We have just had eight years of it.

I score the debate big win for Obama. NOT good news for Senator McCain.
He needed a knockout and he actually lost the debate.

Look for the recent Polling trend for Obama to continue, and widen by 2-4 points in the coming week.

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