Oct 6, 2008

No Plan for America? Change the subject.

The republicans are back to their comfort zone. Since they cannot win on the issues, they will just change the subject, and try to scare voters into voting for the GOP ticket. Here is a 'short' list of issues that will face the next president:

Cleaning up the "MESS" left by the last GOP administration (No small task)
The Economy
Federal Deficit
Resurgent Russia
A Nuclear fundamentalist Pakistan
Health Care

According to John McCain, his 'Country First' campaign will focus on the character of his opponent, NOT the challenges that face America.

Because fear works, because demoralizing Americans works.
A fearful American, is less likely to vote.
A demoralized American is easier to 'keep in line'

So for the next thirty days, as you listen to McCain & Palin talk about Obama's character, his "Terrorist" pals, his connections to unsavory people etc etc.
Remember this:

Every minute they spend in the character assassination of their opponent is time they won't use in addressing HOW they will solve the problems facing this nation.

Bottom Line: If you liked the last eight years with George W Bush, you will love the next four with McCain. They are following the same playbook!

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